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Hybrid Materials Processes and Defect Recognition (Modules #1-10)

Course Description:

Many companies waste countless man-hours and resources resolving problems on the manufacturing floor. Much of this waste is due to inadequate training of the responsible engineers and technicians working on the factory floor. This course is designed to teach the fundamental materials and processes used in microelectronics manufacturing and develop in the student an understanding of the relevant visual inspection criteria.

“Knowing what to do” is the first step towards lower costs, improved quality, and faster throughput. This 10 part series is a tailored, condensed version of the four day Process Certification course. It’s a high quality, professional video reproduction of the original course recently taught at a large aerospace company located in Denver Colorado.

It’s approximately 15 hours of on line training intended as a complete course and best viewed in sequence during a two week time period in order to maximize the learning experience.

Intended Audience:

This set of educational training modules is intended for design, process and quality engineers along with technicians and senior operators responsible for manufacture of hybrids and other types of assembled packaged microcircuits such as; multichip modules, RF microwave hybrids, MEMS, Class III medical implants and optoelectronics devices.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Advance your understanding of the basic materials and processing steps used in the assembly of Hybrids, Microcircuits and RF/MMIC Modules.
  • Be able to explain to others visual defects that result from the basic manufacturing processes e.g., wire bond, component attach, thick and thin film processing, etc.
  • Learn how to avoid critical quality and reliability problems that cause field failures.
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